Mari Urdaneta, CEO of Dhana Media

Mari Urdaneta from Dhana Media: We are working with Raze in the Don Omar project

24 de enero de 2017

Mari Urdaneta, CEO of Dhana Media, explained that they are working with Raze, company owned by Luis Balaguer, Emiliano Calemzuk and Sofía Vergara, developing the project on the Reggaeton artist Don Omar.

“We have purchased the rights to his story”. The production will be a combination of biopic with fiction, to tell the world about where reggaetoneros move, the record companies and nightclubs, among others.

"This is currently the most urban story we are launching, with more millennial hues”. They still don´t have the total number of episodes, because they are barely developing the project, but "the idea is to tell the story of the urban world, starting out with several players".

Although Raze is one of the partners, "we don´t leave contents solely on that platform, we always join traditional ones."