He Matado a mi Marido starring María Conchita Alonso

Mari Urdaneta is the executive producer of the film He Matado a mi Marido

04 de noviembre de 2016

Mari Urdaneta is leading the executive production and casting direction of He Matado a mi Marido, a comedy starring María Conchita Alonso, Assumpta Serna, Eduardo Yáñez and Guy Ecker, written and directed by the Spanish-Venezuelan Francisco Lupini. The shooting started a week ago in Los Angeles.

The production team includes Daniela Ruiz and Jo Henriquez. Urdaneta, aside from the role of executive producer, is responsible, along with Oswaldo Pisfil, for the casting direction.

It tells the story of a desperate woman who murders her cheating husband the morning before a big party to celebrate the Pritzker award he won. A few hours before the guests arrive, when the family nucleus is at risk, the woman must survive the pain of his betrayal and a night of celebration without being caught.

The film, made under Hollywood standards, is backed by the SAG/AFTRA union regulations and gathers an Ibero American cast. The actors include Gaby Espino, Luis Ernesto Franco, Alicia Machado, Gabriela Vergara and the young actors Fernanda Romero and Rafael De La Fuente, among others.