Maricel Zambrano

Maricel Zambrano of Wild House Pictures honored with 2021 Latin Grammy
22 de noviembre de 2021

Maricel Zambrano, executive producer for Wild House Pictures, won a 2021 Latin Grammy for Best Musical Video Short Version as video producer for Un Amor Eterno (An Eternal Love) by Marc Antony.

The award winners also included Video Director Carlos R. Perez, Video Producer Joanna Egozcue and the record label Elastic People.

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with a number of recording companies and personalities in the music industry that are all part of my background, which entails years of advertising experience with work in the general and Hispanic markets. Winning honors in the music industry for Wild House Pictures has been a challenge, but keeping it constantly growing has been one of my greatest triumphs,” Zambrano told PRODU.

She added that when artists, managers and record labels are honored by the Latin Recording Academy, it’s truly gratifying. “Our background and position in both the music and ad industries have opened up new opportunities for us to develop formats and content on other platforms. That’s how Wild House Pictures will keep growing - by developing new projects that allow us to remain a leading production company in the world of entertainment, music and advertising.”