Marina Cuesta, Associate Creative Director at Dieste

Marina Cuesta from Dieste: We should be more critical and original with Latino insights
Liz Unamo|14 de octubre de 2016

"Excellent ideas are obtaining great awards at international festivals and that reveals there is very competent quality" comments Marina Cuesta, Associate Creative Director at Dieste on the creative quality of the Hispanic market. “But I also think we should be more critical in our day-to-day, being original in Latino insights."

Cuesta has been working for the Hispanic market for two years, after spending 10 years in the Hispanic-European, and confesses she feels proud to belong to the industry in the U.S. "I tell my friends on the other side of the Ocean that I am fulfilling the Hispanic American Dream."

She admits her joy in debuting as juror in the recent edition of the 2016 U.S.H. Idea Awards. “We are gradually achieving the acknowledgement and respect we deserve in this career" she tells PRODU.

Her evaluation criteria was based on awarding everything that is an example of brand consistency with original concepts strategically designed for the Hispanic market and impeccable executions. "To boost good work that is relevant for our market is important. If we award exactly what is awarded in other festivals, then we lose our reason for existing."

The creative participated this year in the program See it Be it at Cannes Lions. “It is a task-responsibility of all of us who work in the industry, to make sure brands have a mission, that they convey useful values to society."