Marina Cuesta, Associate Creative Director at Dieste

Marina Cuesta from Dieste: If a brand is consistent, responsible and sensitive it will be able to instantly connect with the female audience
29 de agosto de 2016

Marina Cuesta, Associate Creative Director at Dieste, took part in the Cannes Lions 2016 creative leader program, See It, Be It. From that experience she created a blog on Tumblr called, JEFAS. With the initiative she aims to encourage women's trust and motivate them to reach their goals.

“We as women are very good at getting what we want, but we sometimes lack the confidence in our abilities to go after our passions without hesitation. With my blog I hope to encourage women to have the confidence and drive to reach their objectives” she expressed. “For me, inspiration is always a two way street. I definitely feel that I am a motivator. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my experiences, hoping that my story is helpful to others. At the end of the day, though, I feel that I am also the one inspired by other’s drive and motivation.”

Cuesta feels that brands that wish to connect with women must have a great mission, with strong values at its core, and the connection with its consumer will be immediate. "If on top of that a brand is consistent, responsible, and sensible, they will be able to instantly connect with their female audience" she said.

“Creativity is a way of life for me. Being in advertising allows me to create a better world, where everything is more interesting and fun. It’s a never-ending game, where you’re constantly learning, working with colleagues, and having fun while meeting incredible people ” expressed Cuesta.