Marina Filippelli, CCO of Orcí Advertising
Marina Filippelli from Orcí: Brands Must Be Inclusive in Their Language With New Generations
Cristian Vergara / Manuela Walfenzao|03 de octubre de 2019

Marina Filippelli, CCO of Orcí Advertising, participate in +CTG with a conference on the use of inclusive language for new generations. “What we are proposing is that Spanish is sexist. It is not an inclusive language for everyone of us who exist in this world, and we want to have a representation in communications" she said.  

In her presentation she gave examples of the origin of this transformation in language, the power of the impact on how people think, cognitive research that has been conducted to prove the words that are used do have an impact on how people think and why it should be important for advertisers. "New generations have this as a very big challenge for them, they truly struggle to try to achieve a diversity of thought and communciation that we do not have in other generations. As advertisers and brands, if we do not find a way to communicate with them, we will lose them”.

She highlighted that millennials and Gen Z want people to communicate with them that way. "In the US, more than 22% of Latinos identify themselves as LGBTQ+ and brands must be inclusive with this generation and pay attention to cultural difference".

She explained that she arrived at +CTG because she gave a very similar presentation in SXSW and the invitation came from that moment. “I didn´t know the conference and when I saw what it was about, I felt it was the perfect place. In English, the topic is covered a great deal, but here, violence rates against women and the LGBTQ+ community are the strongest in the world, so I think it is very important to talk about this. Covering it from a language perspective is a very important step".