Almeida spent 11 years with Pantelion and Pantaya

Mario Almeida, Chief of Content at Pantaya, leaves the TelevisaUnivision’s recently acquired platform
21 de septiembre de 2022

After 11 years, first with Pantelion and then with Pantaya, Mario Almeida, Head of Content decided to leave the platform recently acquired by TelevisaUnivision.

In a message on Linkedin, Almeida wrote that during his tenure he worked “with some of the best producers, writers, directors, actors in films and series” such as No Manches Frida -"the film that changed my life," he pointed out-; El Juego de las Llaves, Mi Tío, Señorita 89, Pena Ajena, El Refugio, Malayerba, Chaparreando, De Viaje con los Derbez, Ana, Lolo, and the upcoming projects Toda la Sangre, La Rebelión, Beautiful Lie, Yellow and Chalino.

He highlighted that he was able to develop the Pantaya brand from scratch before it was launched, working with many talented people to give the platform a name, logo and voice. He thanked Starz and Lionsgate "who have been great partners over the years as well as Alan Sokol and to the Hemisphere team."

He thanked his Pantaya’s team members: Aaron Ashford, Adriana Olavarria, Lina Aldana, Lourdes P. Valdez, Iñigo F Abaroa, Anabel Fuentes, and Chavo "for his passion and devotion."

“And with the unwavering support and mentorship of the incredible Brenda Rios, Jim McNamara, Carol Sewell, Edward Allen, and Paul Presburger, I was able to use tools to learn, fail, and grow. I am very proud to be part of the first major Hispanic film studio and the first premium streaming service in Spanish. Working in this side of the industry has been challenging at times, but more often rewarding,” he concluded.