Mark Grether, Executive President at Sizmek

Mark Grether From Sizmek: Brands Need Technology To Link Walled Gardens With Wider Media Plans

14 de agosto de 2017

Mark Grether, Executive President at Sizmek wrote an article on how brands can make the most of so-called “walled gardens” technology platforms such as Facebook and Google that have a significant direct relation with consumers. Between the two, they attracted a fifth of international ad expenditure in 2016.

The appeal of walled gardens is that in addition to their sheer scale, they provide opportunities for precise audience targeting through sought-after deterministic audience data from logins or registrations, which identify specific users, explains Grether. “But these platforms restrict third-party access to data handling, planning and measurements.”

According to Grether, walled gardens will surely continue to be an essential part of any brand's media strategy, due to their massive reach and high-quality data. “However, to use them effectively, brands need other technologies that will help them link walled gardens with their wider media plans” he highlighted.

“By using technology partners that span multiple environments, brands can get the best of both worlds; taking advantage of unified workflow and flexible data Access to optimize media budgets across walled and non-walled environments, while also gaining a holistic view of the entire customer journey and delivering high-impact cross-channel experiences.”