Martin Cerri of Upstreamers says the Know-It-Alls campaign is an invitation to fight misinformation about Covid vaccines
Liz Unamo|26 de julio de 2022

One of the negative aspects of the Covid pandemic has been the misinformation surrounding it, so in order to mitigate those effects, the Upstreamers agency has developed a thoughtful campaign entitled Know-It-Alls for UnidosUS + CDC.

“It’s now the second year we’ve worked with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and UnidosUS (the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States), creating campaigns to fight the misinformation about anti-Covid vaccines. The first year we looked for a more educational approach because the misinformation was relatively new. This second year we wanted to give it a tone that didn’t seem so serious, since a lot of people could have grown a little tired of anything to do with Covid,“ said Martin Cerri, the agency’s co-founder and executive creative director.

The concept was born of the insight that all Latino families and groups of friends have members who think they know everything. “The risk is that these know-it-alls can become big spreaders of fake news, without realizing what they’re doing, since we Latinos believe so much in the words passed around in our family circles. For that reason the campaign is an invitation for people to always make sure they verify the information they’ve been given and before they share it with others,” Cerri said.
For the agency, developing work of this kind is an incredible opportunity. “The misinformation and fake news on social networks about Covid get worse and harder to stop all the time. And with Latinos it’s even worse. First because of the subject of language, since the Spanish language isn’t monitored or controlled by the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and second, because many Latino households have a multigenerational composition that might help spread the misinformation among family members.”

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