Matías Jaramillo, Director of Digital Initiatives at Dieste

Matías Jaramillo From Dieste: Innovation Enables Our Mind To Think Differently

Manuela Walfenzao|27 de julio de 2017

The Director of Digital Initiatives at Dieste, Matías Jaramillo, was one of the people responsible for the virtual assistant: Lailá, Home Hearing Diagnosis. This idea was developed together with Nicole Hamilton, Maria José Romero and Nicholas Ross from Dieste for PSFK, under the brief of the project, The Future of Health.

“The nice thing about this project is that PSFK gives us total freedom to develop ideas that can be a reality in the near future. The briefs they deliver are very open and ask to be developed in some of the lines related with a specific topic. We had already participated in the projects called The Future of Retail with an idea for Target and thought this was why we were invited to participate in the project The Future of Health” explained Jaramillo.

They sent a total of six concepts and Lailá, Home Hearing Diagnosis, was chosen, leaving the possibility open of collaborating with some pharmaceutical brand throughout its development. He said that as an agency, they are very interested in the development of virtual assistants. They previously developed one for Dallas Pets Alive and this time they created Lailá, which can detect through a person's tone of voice and its nuances if he or she doesn't feel well, and conduct a diagnosis to prevent the start of a physical or mental disease.

“The goal behind these innovation exercises is to allow the creative muscle to think of different things instead of a traditional marketing brief. With these exercises we use our creativity for common good" he added. "We are very interested in how information is consumed today. So I would say we will be focusing a lot on narratives using the fragmented channels that exist nowadays. We see this fragmentation as an opportunity and not as a barrier."