Matias Jaramillo, Director of Digital Initiatives at Dieste

Matias Jaramillo from Dieste: The W3 Helps Understanding What Multicultural Is All About

09 de diciembre de 2016

We are what we browse is the title of a Provoke Weekly post of Matias Jaramillo, Director of Digital Initiatives at Dieste highlighting the importance of surfing the Internet. “We believe dipping our toes in all the pools of knowledge and inspiration across the World Wide Web helps us gain a better understanding about what multicultural is all about” he wrote.

Jaramillo explained he has been on a mission to collect URLs that are used by his colleagues for information and inspiration. “By observing this type of information and the cultural and visual styles it amplifies, one can taste the language, expressions, tone, manner and diverse accents that add rich ingredients to an immersive virtual experience” he explained.

He shared a small sample of the variety of sites they visit at Dieste, which “sparks interesting conversations in our office.” Among these inspiring websites are: Flama, Viral Latino, Being Latino, and Mexican Problems. “All of these Facebook pages show us how Hispanic communities are moving the cultural needle.”

Jaramillo also mentioned Remezcla “which helps us find new music acts”; Complex “which connects us to today's issues” and the cultural blogs It's Nice. He also said he has discover interesting sites open on people's monitors, like Cargocollective. And finally, he included a link he said has created the most buzz around the office “which illustrates to perfection how marketers follow every click we make.”