Matías Novoa: At La Isla I will have the chance to get ready for La Teniente’s role

Matías Novoa of Azteca: After La Isla we will begin the recording of La Teniente 2
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|28 de mayo de 2013

Actor Matías Novoa, who is part of reality show La Isla second season from Azteca 7 —to be released in September— spoke with PRODU on his participation in this show and also at the second season of La Teniente, for which he is getting ready. To Novoa, La Isla is a major challenge, not only in a professional way, also personally, as "it is something that needed to face, I had to disconnect from everything. I want people to know me as who I really am and to be close to people who follow me. I will be recording for 60 days and return to continue with more projects.” Within those projects is the beginning of the second season of La Teniente recordings, in late June, where he shares credits with María Fernanda Yepes. A project that he considers is a great opportunity to promote the strengthening of the series in México. “La Teniente is a great project and I'm happy to contribute a bit to Azteca 7 and TV series because to México is important to have series like this one, so other channels will get excited,” he added. He also mentioned that La Teniente has been sold to over 25 countries. The channel MGM broadcasts throughout Latin America, and this allows him to project him self internationally, "just because they talking about this Chilean who is making a career in México. Those are the things that I appreciated as an actor.”