Matías Rivera founder of Fanatiz on #PRODUprimetime: a young man who solves problems through streaming and digital marketing to serve the world

Matias Rivera: Driving new ideas and solving dilemmas
04 de febrero de 2021

The young Chilean Matías Rivera, founder of the OTT Fanatiz defined himself as a troubleshooter, on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra, claiming this is what he is most passionate about: driving new ideas and solving dilemmas.

“I came to sports to solve a problem: fans always wanted to follow their favorite teams and leagues from their own countries and the owners of those clubs' sports rights didn't know how to make this possible," explained Matias, an industrial and computer science engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile from 2003, who holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Stanford and other several academic achievements, including from Harvard.

“I'm doomed to do that forever,” he said, who, despite dedicating most of his time to Fanatiz, a streaming service for lovers of soccer and other sports, he has also solved other problems. In 2011 there was a fire in the park Torres del Paine in Chile that destroyed a large area. “Many people wanted to help, but there was no channel, so we launched the Fundación Reforestemos, all online, which at the time was quite innovative and disruptive. We gathered funds to plant trees in Patagonia and now across all Chile and throughout Latin America."
Likewise, he has created Healyx Labs, medical service for low-income families; Nunchee, for those who want to launch an OTT, as well as other ventures.

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