Mauricio Islas

Mauricio Islas: El Capo is my first role in a superseries
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de abril de 2017

After an abscence of several years from the Telemundo screen in the US, Mauricio Islas (El Manantial, El cartel, Pecados Ajenos, Amores de Mercado, Prisioneras) returns, starring in the superseries El Capo (90x60’), a production by Estudios TeleMéxico, that had its debut Tuesday, April 4 at 10pm on Telemundo.

For Islas it was a challenge to play this role, that marks his debut in the superseries genre. “It is a very well told story, well guided, with a great cast. Something I have to highlight is Lilo Vilaplana´s direction, that is greatly distanced from what we are used to watching on telenovelas or melodrama. As a series, it is more visual, the acting tone is more series-like as well, and that was a challenge for me”.

He expressed that Estudios TeleMéxico innovated in the structure they used to tell the story. For example, they built a bunker in a swimming pool, where they tell each thing gradually, set by set, regarding photography, direction, where “the tone that Lilo set for all of us, mainly with me, was zero melodrama. We all had to be much more realistic and everyday-like”.