Felipe Pérez Arroyo, director of MCM Studios

MCM Studios: Our production El Capo, el Amo del Túnel is already on Netflix
Aliana González, Caracas|14 de julio de 2017

Felipe Pérez Arroyo, Director of MCM Studios, informed that El Capo, el Amo del Túnel is on Netflix since last Saturday July 1. The production is comprised by a saga of five 90-minute films, in 4K format.

With a script by Alberto Pérez, directed by Kristoff Raczynski and Heriberto Gómez, and produced by Felipe Pérez Arroyo, El Capo, el Amo del Túnel narrates in fiction, the criminal drama of the life of El Chapo Guzmán, and covers the period of his escape from prison until his next apprehension.

It is the story of the life of Sergio, “El Checo” Galván, a.k.a. “El Capo”, one of the most renowned drug dealers, and chief of one of Mexico’s most powerful cartels. Galván manages to escape from prison and tries to put his business in order. The saga is not simply raw and violent; it covers family and personal aspects of all the characters involved.

“We are in negotiations with a global open TV network, but still cannot disclose the name of the company,” he informed.

This is MCM Studios’ second production on Netflix; the first one was El Chapo, el Escape del Siglo.