Milton Lebron

I’m excited to be with BODEN, a renowned agency dedicated to the Hispanic market, says Milton Lebron
09 de marzo de 2021

Milton Lebron returns to Miami with BODEN after a time in Los Angeles with Walton Isaacson. PRODU spoke with Lebron in his new position as chief creative officer.

“For me returning to Miami is a homecoming to get back together with my family. It also means returning to one of the leading multicultural markets. This is a city that welcomes the Hispanic culture in a very special way,” he said.

He added that being with BODEN is a great chance to combine the personal with the professional. “I’m excited to be with BODEN, a renowned agency committed to the Hispanic market. It constructs communication strategies that generate trust and are creating a legacy in the Latino community. BODEN has reached a wonderful moment of growth. It has a position of leadership in the Hispanic market and I’m here to contribute my experience to help the agency grow and define its new creative vision.”

The position of CCO is a role well known to Lebron, who warned that these days it’s vital to understand the importance of cultural relevance and incorporate it into the entire creative process. “In the Hispanic market it’s important to have a purpose that is authentic, relevant and very close to the culture in order to create a relationship of trust between brands and the community.

He recalled that in speaking of Hispanic culture, one must include subcultures like Latino activists, sneakerheads, gamers and everything to do with Gen Z. “At the same time it’s necessary to understand that the Hispanic segment is diverse – as are its preferences, values and needs throughout its different lifestages. If you’re working with a brand dedicated to banking, beauty or technology, there’s a great diversity of terms for communicating with a segment as fluid and diverse as this is.”

“The market has evolved from being a total market at a time, especially since 2020, when it has become all-important to have specific communications by segment, and not just by advertising to the segment, but also by investing in that segment and in the community.”

BODEN is an agency led and made up in its majority by women. “I see great qualities of leadership, consistency and professionalism in the entire BODEN team, and that is what attracted me to the agency. I’m very happy working with Natalie, the founder and CEO of BODEN, whom I consider a great leader. We have some important talks together, in which you can see she is whole-hearted about what she does and what she creates and that is evident in her leadership. Her passion for her work and for making a positive difference in the Hispanic segment is something I value so much. And that’s something she passes on to her team.”