Mauricio Correa, general director of Mediapro Colombia

Mediapro Colombia: We have invested more than US$2.5 million for equipping
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|13 de agosto de 2019

With the arrival of Mediapro to Colombia, the alternatives for producing in the country have expanded. Mauricio Correa, general director of the company in Colombia explains that the bet they are making is very big, that is why they have invested more than US$2.5 million for equipping. 

“With the production services unit, we have an infrastructure bigger than 4,500 meters, where there are studios, 15 edition rooms, colorization and completion, all the necessary things to produce," comments Correa.

They have been working with channels such as ESPN, France 24 and Win Sports; with this last one on all the topic of production for soccer games and live shows. Also with Viacom for the channel Nickelodeon.

Another line of work is the sports rights they have been handling with countries like Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay for the World Cup qualifiers. “It is important to mention that we operate the Var system in Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, and Mexico”.

And they have recently worked on implementing augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality developments. Likewise, with the videogame leagues and branded content for brands.