MediaPro Labs chose 22 projects

Mediapro Labs closes call for proposals with over 500 ideas

05 de julio de 2019

Participation in the first Mediapro Labs request for proposals has been overwhelming, both in numbers and in quality. Content creators have responded to the call with more than 500 ideas submitted to this laboratory of ideas launched by The Mediapro Studio in December 2018, to identify audiovisual talent with which to associate and produce new suggestions and formats.

Innovative projects, alternative discourse, short fiction, transmedia content, vertical formats and the most unusual, atypical and novel stories come together in this blend of in excess of five hundred projects that make up a real talent pool.

The directors of Mediapro Labs, Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi and Maya Maidagan, director of Digital Content at The Mediapro Studio, have selected the most innovative projects for their creativity, storyline originality and their connection with current issues.

The selected proposals are multi-themed: factual, dramedy, young adult, road movie, medieval sitcom, mockumentary, 80s nostalgia, drag visibility, post-kokes, trap, vertical fiction and the stories that move the digital public told by themselves.

Among the 22 projects chosen, highlights include: La Luna en Tu Mirada, (The Moon in Your Eyes) by Tomás Peña; Shine, by Victoria Martín de la Cova and Nacho Pérez-Pardo (Living Postureo); Código Alfa, (Code Alpha) by Alberto Flores; Indie Odissey, from Juan Carlos Saloz; Tú También Fuiste Joven, (You Were Young Once Too) by José M. Climent (Fortfast); Aventura en Tacones, (Adventure in High Heels) by Rubén Errebeene and, Haciendo Amigos, (Making Friends) by Penny Jay and Gakian.

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