Tatxo Benet, Group managing partner

Mediapro launches The Mediapro Studio
19 de marzo de 2019

With the launch of The Mediapro Studio, the Mediapro Group is going one step further in bolstering its international expansion, clearly and firmly investing in content. The Group is evolving in its role as the benchmark content producer in Spain, growing into an active protagonist on the international stage by driving productions designed for the global market.

Headquartered in Barcelona, The Mediapro Studio has 10 creative offices around the world. With 34 series underway in 2019 and a global investment of 200 million euros for producing series, films, shows, short formats and documentaries in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, Finland, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the United States, and the Middle East.

Javier Méndez Zori, Javier Pons and Laura Fernández Espeso will oversee the Studio's productions in all territories to push creation, production, funding, and content distribution, also reinforcing presence in the USA through the New York office that was opened three years ago.

Mediapro Studio' structure encompasses the entire chain of value, including development, creation, production, audiovisual services, artistic direction, and distribution. The Studio is also involved in funding new projects.

The Mediapro Studio shares productions with HBO, Viacom, Netflix, Amazon, FOX, Turner, Disney, Yle, Sony, Vice, DirecTV, Hulu, TF1, Televisa, Univisión, Movistar, TVE, A3Media, Mediaset España, and Globo Internacional. Its creative teams are working on developing 200 projects in Spain, the United States, Great Britain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, and the Middle East. The Studio also produces over 5,000 hours of entertainment programs, with original formats like El intermedio, Zapeando, and El Conquistador del Fin del Mundo or worldwide franchises like Ninja Warriors.

“We want to be a global company, a key player in the international content industry, strengthening our presence around the world as a part of our growth. We are very excited about this step, which will enable us to increase our audience and production capacity," said Tatxo Benet, Group managing partner.

According to Jaume Roures, managing partner of Mediapro Group, "the time has come to move beyond our role as a production company and to become a Studio. For 25 years, we have produced hundreds of great quality projects all around the world, with the ability to develop global content, all the way from the concept to broadcasting, including executive production and artistic direction. Because of this, we feel we are ready to go one step further and create unique content."