Juan Pablo Santos from The Mediapro Studio US and Jackie Castro from Mediapro MX

Mediapro presented Las Bravas and El Médico
23 de enero de 2020

The Mediapro Studio held its Breakfast with talents to present its main productions, highlighting the announcement of the beginning of the shootings of Las Bravas (8x40´) in March and the agreement to co-produce the series El Médico in English.

Las Bravas, the first Mediapro Studio series in Mexico, is a co-production with Turner Latin America that will launch this year on TNT Mexico. It will star Alfonso Herrera (Sense 8, La Reina del Sur) and is based on an idea by Enrique Pérez Vergara, “Flipy” (Noobees, Chiringuito de Pepe, Olmos y Robles).

El Médico
is a co-production with Paraiso Pictures that will have two outstanding professionals in the team: Assaf Bernstein (the visionary behind the season of the Netflix thriller Fauda) and Michael Nozik (Diarios de Motocicleta). It is the story of a drug dealer who becomes a government spy.