Javier Méndez, Content Director at Mediapro

Mediapro: There is greater appetite for fictions from Spain

06 de abril de 2017

Javier Méndez, Content director at Mediapro, stated that the company´s current goal is to transfer the success model they have in Spain to the diverse territories where the company is present. “There is greater interest, greater appetite for fictions from Spain because it is high-quality content with universal stories that travel”.

For Mediapro, Latin America is very important, this is proven by the offices they have in different countries in the region and two in the US, Imagina US in Miami and one they recently opened in New York. “It is a natural market due to the cultural nearness, an emerging market where we are already producing contents. We have a very privileged position in the development and production of content”.

Vis a Vis production is a clear example of how the Company has managed to make their stories universal. “That proves there is capability to export stories and talent. We have sold that production to half the world”.

For now, Méndez states that the goal is to consolidate the position they have in the region. “And we are very focused on the creation of new formats in the aim to export them”.