Jaume Roures, co-founder and managing partner of Mediapro

Mediapro: We are going to continue investing and working in Latin America

04 de noviembre de 2016

In Mediapro they see the region as a place where there is a lot to be done, despite the existing economic crisis. “We are going to continue investing and working in Latin America. We will logically be ready for any opportunity that opens up,” expressed Jaume Roures, co-founder and managing partner of Mediapro.

The challenge in Latin America is to manage to be stable. "We must see if we are capable to remain stable amidst all the periodic economic volatility of the region, to enable progress that will benefit everyone.”

Mediapro assumes the risks and makes progress: they hope to be in Havana, Cuba mid November to close the deal that will settle them there. “We have already been offering satellite services from there to TV stations that came her, but only on big occasions, and now what we want is to stabilize everything and have physical presence there.”

For Roures, Cuba is worth the effort for many reasons. "Cuba has great professionals in the audiovisual field and a huge plateau to make many different types of programs or series.” He also mentioned that in Cuba there is an important area with sports, mainly baseball production.

Colombia is another country that is about to join, with the purchase of Televideo. "In Colombia, paperwork is very complicated, but we are in that process that will end well and very soon. Televideo is very similar to us."

In the region, Peru is one of the countries on Mediapro´s target, although nothing has been consolidated yet.