Daniel Burman, Mediapro
Mediapro: We have eight productions in the process for 2019
23 de noviembre de 2018

Daniel Burman, Head of Content for the US, Mexico and Central America at Grupo Mediapro, commented from Mip Cancún that they already signed agreements to develop and produce eight contents that will be ready between 2019 and the first semester of 2020.

The most outstanding productions that are in an advanced phase include Border Republic, in partnership with Vice Studios, that is about the border issue between Mexico and the US with the storytelling of documentaries in the best VICE style. The other is Cazadores de Milagros together with Disney, BTF Media and Somos TV.

“Most are in an advanced development phase, a couple will be in the production process in January and February. We are thrilled and in love with all the stories we want to tell," said Burman.

The executive mentioned that it's necessary to place a lot of energy into each project so it can be carried out, and he highlighted the big demand of content right now in the industry, but he insists that the offer is what must define this demand.

“We mustn't rush our times nor lower the quality because there is a big demand. We must not respond to this audience desperately seeking contents, but always dynamically tell the stories we think are attractive," assured Burman.