Juliana Barrera at Mediapro reported that they have three projects in different production phases in Colombia, and one in Mexico, Las Bravas

Mediapro: With productions in Colombia and Mexico

Marcela Tedesco / Aliana González |06 de febrero de 2020

Juliana Barrera, Content Director for Colombia and Mexico at Mediapro, reported that they have three projects in different production phases in Colombia: an original one in development, one production service, and a co-production. They are waiting for their partners' announcement to be able to report more details, but she mentioned it was a 10-episode premium series, another one with 8 episodes, and a children´s-youth´s 60-episode series.

In March, they will start in Mexico the production of Las Bravas, starring Alfonso Herrera and based on an idea by Enrique Pérez Vergara, “Flipy”, who is also the writer. Daniel Burman is at the head of the project, and the production director is Jackie Castro. Good stories that move emotions and include renown talent, is the formula they apply in the company.

The production she says, must always go hand in hand with the distribution and the partners that accompany it. “The more partners there are, the greater the value contributed to the final product,” she commented.

Barrera explained that regarding the projects they are advancing in Colombia, one is her original idea, which she is developing with two writers. She expects it to be ready at the end of the year.

“I think that borders between cinema and series are disappearing more and more, at least in this new type of television, that is much more sophisticated, with great production values. There are series that have episodes that are worth the same or more than a Hollywood movie. I think it is a very exciting moment because everything is very flexible and there are so many windows and platforms as possible structures and lengths. If a story is powerful and has important names behind it, it can have four episodes and be the big bet,” she said.