Enrique Yamuni from Megacable Mexico: We have more data than television subscribers

Megacable Mexico: Internet has become indispensable
02 de octubre de 2020

Enrique Yamuni, general director of Megacable, one of the main cable and Internet TV operators in Mexico stated that the crisis generated by this pandemic was the biggest experienced in Mexico in the last decades, but, as opposed to the others, people were forced to stay home and that altered things.

The other change Yamuni mentioned is that the Internet became indispensable, to the extent that today it has more data than television subscribers. It had a 38% growth in Internet clients from one week to the following.

Megacable is a company founded 39 years ago that went from being a unidirectional network to offering services in more than 350 cities in 26 states of the Mexican Republic. It has an optic fiber network and coaxial cable that covers almost 70 kilometers of last miles, more than 20 thousand kilometers of urban optic fibers, and almost 25 thousand kilometers of long-distance fibers. Yamuni has been its director for 36 years.

It handles 8.8 million services installed for more than 3 million 700 thousand unique clients and is ranked among the 150 biggest companies in Mexico.

Yamuni spoke about the special Internet services they offer, as well as about the streaming menu in a single box where they all co-exist: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, Apple. It is increasingly requested.

Watch full interview with Enrique Yamuni, less than 4 minutes