Panel OTT Super-aggregation and the Android Revolution at NexTV Series Mexico

Megacable: We chose Android TV for our Xview+ platform because of its easy interaction with apps and streaming
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de octubre de 2021

Xview +, Megacable Mexico's new OTT platform, which already has 2.5 million users, is based on Android TV, which, according to Raymond Fernández, co-CEO of the operator, is the one with the easiest interaction with the app and streaming world.

Fernández was one of the speakers on the OTT Super-aggregation and the Android Revolution panel in NexTV Series Mexico, together with Tim Angel, director of Engineering Sales for the Americas at TiVo, and Orestes Aja, Head of Digital and OTT at ATRESplayer.

Fernández explains that they made a US$400 million investment in the reconversion of the network. "We have a hybrid network of coaxial cable and fiber and we are accelerating the broadband process for subscribers' navigation in 12 cities in the country. We have had a very good response. Consumption in one month increased by 40%” he furthered.

Aja from ATRESplayer mentioned they arrived in Latin America last year and are now a global platform. Their challenges are the retention capability on the D2C platform and B2B, and to continue making progress with integration agreements with operators in Latin America.

Angel from TiVo explains that the huge interest operators have in Android TV is that it is a low-cost flexible system that offers all the functionalities for a platform: linear, VOD, MVDR, and everything can be displayed in a single location.

Fernandez mentioned that they were able to make the costly investment in the migration of their network thanks to the fact that they have 4 million unique users. "It is a very complicated ecosystem and you have to go through the certification of each one of the providers, such as Netflix, among others. The platform must co-exist with that of linear channels, hybrid fiber, and coaxial platforms, and those of OTT; for it to have AVR, among other aspects. It is a huge success for users to have a platform that is fast and that integrates the metadata of all those providers" he added.