Otto Padrón, president and CEO of Meruelo Media

Meruelo Media building three studios for newscasts and fictional productions in Los Angeles

29 de enero de 2013

Otto Padrón, president and CEO of Meruelo Media, exclusively showed PRODU the building the company recently bought in Los Angeles that will be the headquarters for the Canal 22 affiliate of MundoFox. It will have three studios in which the network will produce newscasts and fictional shows. The building will be in use by the end of the year. “The plan for Meruelo Media in 2013 is to launch a high-quality subsidiary company with a better product, including news, documentaries and fictional content. We know that our viewers heavily consume fiction” Padrón said. On Pico Street in the middle of Los Angeles, the building will soon be prepared for television production that uses the latest high-caliber technologies. “We’re seeing a new franchise being built under Meruelo Media by Meruelo Media Entertainment. Within that franchise, we’ll build different categories of production including fiction. For me, fiction is essential in any business dedicated to the audiovisual” he emphasized. He indicated that the company has been in conversations for months with people that may be able to create the intellectual content transmitted on the network’s screens. “We have a lot of advances and we’re ready to organize them so they’re something more significant. We’d rather it be various projects instead of only one”.