In 36 episodes the series will tell the story from when Fernández was a kid until he turned into a world icon of Rancheras

Mexican actor Jaime Camil to personify Vicente Fernández in Caracol Television´s biopic
01 de octubre de 2021

The greatest living legend in the history of Latin music, Vicente Fernández, and Caracol Television came to a worldwide agreement to produce the series based on the story of the people's idol.

Two year's work between Fernández and Caracol Television's writing team has resulted in a story packed with memorable and significant moments, where the public will learn about the life of the Ranchera music icon.

The process, which kicked off in 2019, never stopped during the pandemic, concentrating efforts in recreating, in hand with Vicente Fernández, a moving, entertaining story full of inspiration for all generations.

In 36 episodes, in emblematic locations in Mexico and the United States, this super series will tell the story from when "Chente" was a kid in Jalisco, full of needs and wants until he turned into a world icon of Ranchera music.

Mexican actor, Jaime Camil, will be the one who will personify Vicente Fernández in the story of his life.

“For some years now, at Caracol Television, we have been committed to searching and producing local stories to make them universal. For decades, popular Mexican music, culture, and movies became the top Latin American stories of traveling throughout the territory and, perhaps, the most iconic and complete story arc of the great Vicente Fernández. We know him as a star of music, film, and public life, but we do not know his story. That is why, and with the firm intent that it now be not only a Latin American story by one that is universal, we decided to tell it and take the icon, his life, and his music to all the corners of the world. This series will wear the stamp of Caracol productions, feature mostly Mexican talent and the prestige we have given our productions. Though it is the first of our series made in Mexico, we are confident it will not be the last,” said Gonzalo Córdoba, president of Caracol Television.

Lisette Osorio, Caracol Television's VP of International Business: “I feel so proud to be a part of this historical moment taking the life of this magnificent artist and human being to the screen. Our distribution efforts have allowed us to take stories of great significance and relevance all over. We now take on the great responsibility to internationalize an artist's life story whose musical impact has consolidated as a legacy in many cultures.”