Luis Torres-Bohl

Mexicanal: Back to producing original series
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de julio de 2014

Mexicanal is again producing original series, and Vida De Lucha, El Rayo De Plata is its first new project. “It’s a non scripted series for TV that tells the story of Juan Padrón Luna ‘el rayo de plata,’ the Mexican lucha libre personality,” told PRODU Luis Torres-Bohl, president of Mexicanal and Castalia Communications. He said the series opens another chapter for Mexicanal with the production of docu-realities. “It’s the first of many we will produce. We already started production of another series entitled El Mariachi, about the adventures of a Mariachi band around the World Cup,” added Torres-Bohl. He also mentioned other new projects: one about soccer and one about religious legends, among others. In regards to the channel, he noted that distribution of Mexicanal is growing in the U.S. The channel was recently added to the lineups of AT&T and Cablevision, and will soon join Charter, Cox and Time Warner.