Las Cantinas de Cornelio (14x30’) features well-known TV and radio personality Cornelio García

Mexicanal premieres Las Cantinas de Cornelio
20 de septiembre de 2019

Mexicanal is launching its latest series Las Cantinas de Cornelio (14x30’), featuring well-known TV and radio personality Cornelio García.

A true expert on Mexico’s customs, Cornelio will show us traditional cantinas throughout the country as we listen to characters whose stories come alive in engaging conversations. Thanks to Cornelio’s sense of humor and charm, the audience will practically get to savor the different alcoholic beverages available in Mexico, from mezcal to tequila and everything in between.

Las Cantinas de Cornelio debuted on Saturday, September 21 at 6pm PT. The first season includes fourteen thirty-minute episodes. Viewers will enjoy the rich history of different Mexican cities and towns and meet patrons who go to cantinas not only to have a drink but also to eat local foods and enjoy visiting with friends in cozy environments.

“Cantinas are perhaps one of the most featured and recognized Mexican scenes in pop culture around the world. Everybody should visit one at least once in their lifetime. We wanted to do exactly that: take viewers on a journey to discover or revisit these establishments as if they were actually there,” said Demian Torres-Bohl, Mexicanal’s VP and executive producer.