According to Nielsen IBOPE the audience increases week to week

Mexico: Open TV audiences grow but advertising descends
10 de abril de 2020

In days when people remain at home due to the coronavirus pandemic that is being experienced at a global scale, audiovisual content consumption has had a considerable increase. Open TV is the leader in terms of audience levels.

According to the Nielsen IBOPE Mexico analysis, the rating levels in open TV increased compared to previous weeks. During the 10th week, that spanned from March 2 to 8, they reached 9.60 points. However, in the 13th week, from March 23 to 29, the levels reached 10.11 points. Audiences that consume content on other platforms have also reflected an increase in this period.

Regarding watching time, people dedicated more minutes to watch content on TV during the last week. This is, 12.04% more compared to week 10. As for reach levels, TV reached 1.58 million more people compared to week 10.

Despite the fact that there was an increase in TV and other platform audiences, the advertising activity has recorded a decrease in its volume during the quarantine period, as opposed to 2009 during AH1N1 influenza, when advertising activity reflected an increase on television, radio, and magazines.

Government campaigns, self-service stores, as well as department stores occupy the first places in terms of volume of ads during the situation, according to Nielsen IBOPE Mexico.