Diego Piasek, MGM: The series represents MGM International’s second Spanish-language project after El Fin del Amor. Querer y Coger

MGM International TV developing Mariachis series
21 de febrero de 2020

MGM International TV and the Mexican production company, Hippo Entertainment, announced they are developing an all-new Spanish-language series, Mariachis.

The series represents MGM International’s second Spanish-language project after El Fin del Amor. Querer y Coger from Argentinian author Tamara Tenenbaum starring Lali Espósito, and the first local production in Mexico.

“We’re so proud to partner with Hippo on our first local Mexican original. Thanks to a stellar cast at the forefront as well as a dream team behind the camera, Mariachis is a unique show that connects with different age groups through its smart storytelling, rich characters, and its re-imagined original modern-day Mariachi scores. With more than 400-million Spanish-speakers around the world, local language and LatinX content are a huge priority for us at MGM,” said MGM International TV’s SVP of International Development Diego Piasek.

Hippo Entertainment, a brand-new Mexican production company, shot a pilot for the series. The script was written by Frank Ariza which was based on an original idea by Antonio Mauri Alemán.

“For the purpose of showing the level of quality demanded by Hippo Entertainment, it was vital to film the Mariachis pilot; an idea that surfaced after seeing the interest that exists for Mexican culture in the rest of the world. After identifying a cultural figure such as Mariachis and the lack of content thereof, the incentive arose to create a family show centered around such a popular subject with the intention of showing an authentic, beautiful side of Mexico that will showcase its amazing and charming culture to the global market,” commented Hippo’s Antonio Mauri and Antonio Mauri Alemán.

MGM International TV will produce and distribute the project and will begin shopping it immediately.

The cast is comprised by Pedro Fernandez, Vadhir Derbez, Consuelo Duval, Natalia Jimenez, Norma Angélica, Paco Rueda, Memo Villegas, Antonio Mauri Aleman, Antonio Mauri.

Mariachis is a multi-generational drama centered on an estranged Mexican family who is forced to reunite and return to their Mariachi roots after their father is suddenly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Using flashbacks between the past and present, Mariachis is a vibrant love letter to Mexico's rich culture, musical traditions, and the ties that bind families together.