Chris Ottinger, president of MGM Worldwide Television Distribution

MGM: Six shows in development for LatAm
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|30 de enero de 2020

Chris Ottinger, president of MGM Worldwide Television Distribution announced that along with launching a new talk show hosted by Lauren Lake, as the great product for this Natpe for the Anglo Saxon US, they have a great portfolio of original productions for Latin America. 

“We are developing a large portfolio of original programs in Spanish for the Hispanic audience. Six shows are currently in development. At LA Screenings we will share more details,” he mentioned. These projects come after the realization of Luis Miguel, la Serie, an original production of MGM with Gato Grande that has enjoyed great success. “Some are designed for pay-TV and others for open TV,” he added.

Regarding who is handling distribution for Latin America, after the passing of Tomás Davison, he explains that although it has not yet been announced, Gustavo Gómez will play an important role, since he was Tomás´ deputy. Matt Vassallo, who now works for Ottinger in the general management in Latin America and Pacific Asia, is working on a new structure. “Matt and Gustavo are the two punctual people who will be in charge of the region”.

MGM is launching a new international division of Drama TV, handled by Ottinger and Brian Edwards, president of Television Operation, as well as two key executives. One of these is dedicated to Hispanic audiences with Latina programming, his name is Diego Piasek, from Argentina, and he has a great deal of experience”. Additionally, they are about to produce Latina films in Mexico.

Chris Ottinger