French Tech

French Tech Miami Builds an Entry Point to the Americas for French Entrepreneurs

14 de mayo de 2020

French Tech, a renowned French Government & local private entity backed program, is proud to welcome 13 new communities across the globe. The new communities include the 8 international cities of Miami, Bogota, Raleigh, Kiev, Malaysia, Philippines, Prague and Toronto; along with 5 French cities of Guadeloupe, Guyana, New Caledonia, Périgord Valley, French Basque Country.

Rooted in nearly 100 cities worldwide (13 world capitals, 53 communities in France and 56 internationally), the French Tech Local Communities are nodes in a global network led by each respective startup communities. Together, they empower the movement on a local level and increase the mobility of French startups by welcoming them in each city and helping foster business connections with local cultures.

Board Members:
  • Stanislas Coignard, Co Founder & CEO Americas - S4M (AdTech)
  • David Azar, Founder & CEO - Outsmart Labs (Digital Agency & Incubator)
  • Rachel Raynaud, Executive Director - French American Chamber of Commerce
  • Eric Tourtel, SVP - Teads Latam (Advertising)
  • Anthony Ginter, President - Waterdiam (Agro Tech)
  • Ilan Elbase, Managing Partner - Effective Capital (VC Tech Focus)
  • Laurent Ruben, Co founder - FABB (Digital Accelerator)
  • Noémie Heuland, CFO - Latam & Caribbean SAP (Software)

More members are joining the movement and finding ways to help the community foster every day. Before it’s official announcement, more than 150 Florida Tech entrepreneurs have joined French Tech Miami Linkedin group.

Miami is now the newest addition to the French Tech Family with a mission to power the movement by helping a growing community of local entrepreneurs develop their businesses in the United States & South America as well as promoting French Tech talent.