Michel Brown

Michel Brown in the lead role of crime series Falco produced by Dynamo and Spiral International
08 de diciembre de 2017

Michel Brown, star of the HBO Latin America Sr. Ávila, has been cast in the lead role of upcoming crime series Falco, based on the award-winning scripted format The Last Cop. Produced by Dynamo (Narcos) and Spiral International, the format is distributed by Red Arrow International.

The series will be show-run and directed by acclaimed Mexican filmmaker, director and screenwriter Ernesto Contreras (Blue Eyelids, I Dream in Another Language, The Obscure Spring), who has won 19 International Film Festival Awards to date.

Falco started production this month in the streets of Mexico City, and the 15x60’ series will launch with a feature-length pilot.

Diego Ramírez Shrempp, Falco´s executive producer and partner at Dynamo, said, “It’s a joy to work with Michel in Falco after having done so a couple of years ago. He is an excellent actor and a great person to work with those good vibes are contagious on set, making working with him a real pleasure for the whole team.”

Zasha Robles, executive producer and managing director at Spiral International, said, “It was important that our protagonist could carry the poignancy and determination the story encapsulates, and Michel is a perfect fit for this dynamic character. With compelling scripts and incredible creative talent, Falco is set to be unmissable.”

Red Arrow International will distribute the Latin American production of Falco worldwide.