Paola Suárez from Jaque Content commented on the unconscious biases in the second event of WAWA with Platino Industria / Egeda

Micro-machismo persists in the audiovisual industry
Aliana González, Mexico City|10 de septiembre de 2020

WAWA held its second event in collaboration with Platino Industria / Egeda Film and 8K, 360°, and 5.1 Audiovisual Production companies, in which Susana Umbert, Manager of Entertainment Production at Latina Televisión; Daniela Ludlow, founder of Chamaca Films; Juana María Torres, Original Production Director in Mexico at A+E Networks; Paola Suárez, Producer at Jaque Content; and Verónica Riedel, Director, Producer and writer from Guatemala took part.

Umbert told the story of how 12 years ago she bought, together with Gisela Valcárcel, the format Bailando Por Un Sueño and against the forecast of many of their colleagues, ended up being extremely successful. “Let us not be afraid to follow our dreams and ideas. The keyword in this industry is innovation,” she said.

Suárez commented that in her case strategic alliances and the decision to go international have been key. "In the audiovisual industry, the patriarchal structure is tricky: there is micro-machismo and it is so established that it is natural".

Verónica Riedel narrated her long professional career, which started in Miami working on Miami Vice and continued in Guatemala, as one of the first directors and scriptwriters in the country. “Women have taken empowerment courses, but men have not been educated on this topic".

Torres commented on how women seem to have to always prove that they are professional and she recalled the importance of balancing our personal and professional lives.

Ludlow said that in addition to being a director, she is a cinematographer, a specialty few women dedicated to. Currently, there are 90 in the association that represents them and only six are women.