Stephen Hobbs and Lupe De Los Santos

The More Programs We Screen and the More Noise We Make, the More We Educate: Stephen Hobbs of Mother Tongue
01 de marzo de 2021

Lupe De Los Santos and Stephen Hobbs, longtime marketers and co-founders of Mother Tongue, discussed with PRODU their experience in launching Brains On, an educational Spanish-language podcast for Hispanic children, plus the other projects they have planned for the future.  

“Stephen and I have the good fortune of being in the multicultural marketing world for some time and thanks to that have been able to take care of our families. One of the things we’ve talked about is how to give back and make a difference. It’s not just about creating entertainment platforms but rather we think about such things as ‘how we can put a Mexican on the moon’ and we decided to begin with the kiddies. If people don’t begin as youngsters it will only get harder,” De Los Santos said.

Part of their strategy is to give greater visibility to creators of Latino content. “This is really all about expansion, working with partners in the media and distribution to make sure of being inclusive toward the entire community. Then there’s the monetization, making sure that Latin American creatives are seen and heard, that they’re on the cover of iTunes, on Google podcasts, as well as being featured during National Hispanic Heritage Month and African American History Month. The more programs we screen and the more noise we make, the more we educate,” Hobbs said.

“I think this is just the beginning of many things we’ll do at Mother Tongue to help the youths of our community, because there’s not a lot to do outside the home right now for Spanish-speaking kids. So instead we’re developing Spanish-language podcasts focused on children, with which we can provide them with education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,” De Los Santos said,

Meanwhile, this podcast opens an important opportunity for brands, since studies show that children become the door to their parents, who are now Covid-quarantined at home.