Miguel Ángel Torreblanca

Mattel's Miguel Angel Torreblanca: Walmart Connect was an important partner in the retail media strategy for the Barbie movie
03 de noviembre de 2023

Mattel sees retail media as a fundamental part of its media strategy, where its awareness and conversion strategy are integrated to provide the consumer with a complete experience.
The company delves into the data and evolves in the data to be able to make successful marketing strategies as it was with the Barbie movie. Miguel Ángel Torreblanca, Head of Marketing & Sr Director Mattel Latin America, talked to PRODU about the results of the retail media strategy.

"We started working 18 months before with Walmart Connect and what we wanted was to find data that would help us have a very clear strategy for the entire funnel, from what messages we were going to be communicating to generate awareness of the movie and everything new that was coming, to how to take the consumer journey to the last point. It was key to have a partner like Walmart connected at all points, so that from the moment we showed the product to the final purchase, the message would be very consistent, and we could open up to other categories and also expand the brand's offer," he explains.

Toys grew 45% during the summer, which is a challenge for a brand that is a leader in the doll category. It is one of the three most important toy brands in Latin America.

"We knew the movie would be a success, we knew we were really going to achieve new results, but it exceeded all our expectations. There were consumer products that in one week went out of stock, so we had a lot of learnings on how to calculate a phenomenon size of these that went out of everyone's hands. Latin America has the best results in the world," says Miguel Ángel.