Richard Izarra with María Pérez-Bellière, director of RX France: 800 more people from Latin America, Europe, China, and South Korea are expected to attend

MIP Cancun with 30% more new buyers and series, co-productions and visual effects offers
15 de noviembre de 2023

From the hotel Moon Palace, the Editor-in-Chief of PRODU, Richard Izarra, spoke with some of the attendees to MIP Cancun, who gave a taste of what they are bringing to the tenth edition of this market.

The RCN team commented that, even though Betty la Fea 2 is not yet for sale, they do have several new and classic projects available. "We are promoting Rigo a great deal". Rigo is a series on the life of the Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Uran whose broadcast is shared with Amazon. “Right now we have it on the screen and it is an extraordinary success. We also continue to sell the products we already had, such as Café con Aroma de Mujer” mentioned Maria Lucia Hernandez, International Sales Director of the Colombian company.

For his part, José Vicente Scheuren, executive producer of Cinemat Inc., mentioned that they will offer new content and that, at the same time, they are hunting for movies and non-scripted content, and Jérômine Ader, Sales Director for LatAm, Spain, and Portugal at Federation Studios, explained that they will have a stand from which they will offer dramas and content for children.

The Colombian audiovisual production company Ajna Cinema will present Cansado de Ser Feliz, a series of six episodes directed by Mauricio Montes winner of the MINTIC Audiovisual Calls for Proposals in Colombia. "We came to look for buyers for this series that is already produced, to find co-production for other products and are also willing to sell the IP of our projects" assured Lina Ferrari, executive producer and scriptwriter.
Cecilia Gomez de la Torre, General Manager of Tondero Distribution and founder of WAWA, took the series Previa, by the Argentinean director Victoria Chaya Miranda, who has directed television programs on Channel 9, such as La Cocina de los Calamaro. “It is a series about intimacy and that has a great international cast: Ines Estevez, Pablo Rago, Gaston Dalmau, Mariana Gomez, and Carolina Ramirez, among others. We are very happy with the result. An important client is now analyzing it".

Valencia Producciones, which attends Cancun for the first time, brought a different proposal: start to produce large film projects for Latin America and offer their visual effects services, as explained by its CEO, Yesenia Valencia.

The event has been well-attended. In fact, 800 more people from Latin America, Europe, China, and South Korea are expected to attend. “We see a very good attendance and have a full agenda. It is going to be a super interesting market” highlighted Luisa Obrego, manager of Zebracom.

Maria Pérez-Bellière, director of the events service RX France and a crucial part of the organization of MIP Cancun since its first edition, explains the key to the success of this encounter: "What works well should not be changed, and this market is truly a market that works, an efficient market in which people can connect from morning until night, with informal events and more formal ones, too. That is what makes it so special".
She added that this year there are 30% more new buyers and more than 5% of new commissioners, as well as three important deliveries to be taken into account: the recently inaugurated FAST & Global: Americas Summit, which will show emerging trends in FAST; the PRODU Industry Awards, in which RX will collaborate for the seventh time; and the WAWA Woman of the Year, Stronger Together, dedicated to promoting inclusion and diversity together with the production company WAWA.

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