Carlos Dragonné hopes to take a gastronomical documentary to MIPTV

MIPTV´s registered undecided to purchasing plane ticket
RÍchard Izarra|03 de marzo de 2020

Carlos Dragonné, a Mexican producer and director, hasn´t bought his plane ticket to Niza to attend MIPTV.

He already paid his registration to attend the market, but even though he wishes with all his heart that the event is not suspended, he is afraid due to the French government´s prohibition to events with more than five thousand people and on MIPTV´s webpage, it is promoted as having an attendance of at least twelve thousand.

This would be his first time on MIPTV and would take a gastronomic documentary to a three-season miniseries, and another with a fiction idea. And of course, he is very eager to present and sell them.

“Let us hope it is not suspended: until today, March 1, the MipTV webpage assured its realization ” mentioned Dragonné, with more than ten years of experience in the hospitality industry, and is editor-in-chief of Los Sabores de México y el Mundo, a digital publication.

Like him, there are many who have not yet decided to buy their plane ticket or pay for the hotel. And the MIPTV webpage reassures that the market will be held, but MIPTV organizer, Reed MIDEM, comments on the website that they continue "to monitor events related to the coronavirus following new guidelines issued by the French government on February 29. The well-being of all MIPTV, MIPDoc and MIPFormats participants is our priority. We will provide additional updates in a timely manner."