El Príncipe (25x60')

Mira TV premiered Mediaset Spain´s El Príncipe
27 de octubre de 2015

Mira TV will launch the hit series El Príncipe (25x60') starring Cuban heartthrob Rubén Cortada, Hiba Abouk and Álex González and José Coronado. Thanks to the agreement reached between Mediaset Spain and Mira TV to broadcast original content of the Spanish group, viewers in Florida will enjoy this very successful production. "We are excited to bring our audience El Príncipe, one of the most successful series to air on Telecinco, featuring Rubén Cortada, the young Cuban model who's currently one of the most sought after actors in the industry", said Judith Prado, EVP of Mira TV. The series is set in the troubled suburb of El Príncipe Alfonso a neighborhood in Ceuta (Spain) near the border with Morocco, as an unusual love story develops between a Christian police officer and a Muslim girl. A veteran police officer, Fran (José Coronado) imposes order within the neighborhood using unusual tactics with questionable legality, which unleash a real war in El Príncipe. His methods are challenged by the arrival of Morey (Álex González), an agent of the National Intelligence Center and a christian who uses the police force as a front to investigate an alleged jihadist network. The story begins with the appearance of Fatima (Hiba Abouk) who's in search of her teenage brother, Abdu who vanished a few months back. Through the process she will end up falling for an impossible love in the hands of Monrey. How will the law impose?, will their religion stand in the way?, will love triumph?. El Príncipe, which will air Monday through Friday at 8pm starting October 26, achieved remarkable ratings during its broadcast in Spain. The series reached an average of 5.2 million viewers (27.7% share).