Pedro Dávila: The Miracol team has shown to move comfortably between scripted, non-scripted and documentaries

Miracol: Producing for Netflix, Amazon, and Disney in Colombia and Mexico
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|27 de agosto de 2021

Miracol has proven to be a reliable partner for streaming platforms that want to produce high-quality content in either Colombia or Mexico. They successfully closed the era of the pandemic, managing to finish two projects for Netflix and start recording a documentary series for Amazon Prime Video.

Also, thanks to their alliance with Propagate Content, a company owned by Ben Silverman and Howard Owens, they completed, with all the security measures and an excellent turnover, their first project for the Mexican market produced 100% in Colombia, entitled Haunted Latinoamérica and which can currently be seen on Netflix.

"The Miracol team has shown to move comfortably between scripted, non-scripted and documentaries, knowing how to find stories that deserve to be told and having the experience to turn them into the content of the highest quality," said Pedro Dávila, founding partner of Miracol and today head of Non Stop group contents.

“Pedro, the Botía brothers and the entire Miracol team have proven to be excellent professionals with great human qualities. Their achievements in Colombia and Mexico, added to our next launch of Santa Evita in co-production with Disney, and other projects for Brazil, makes us feel extremely happy and active in the main markets of the continent,” added Patricio Rabuffetti, Chairman of the Non Stop group.

Miracol is one of the few companies that knows very well how each of the platforms and local incentives works. This has given them credibility and the good moments they are going through.

“Our industry is growing, the Colombian government has understood it and supported it with film laws that favor us. So it’s the responsibility of film and television producers to not increase costs and make good use of this moment to good, leveraging on the mechanisms implemented to bring foreign productions and contributing from our side to the generation of employment in the country," concluded Dávila.