Miriam Rota Ros

Miriam Rota, global events producer: One of the Plastic Fishing Tournament’s secrets of success was its massive scale
Liz Unamo|15 de julio de 2022

The highly prizewinning campaign Plastic Fishing Tournament for Corona is one example of a local creative idea that went worldwide. The beer brand launched its first Plastic Fishing Tournament in Mexico, hiring local fishermen, not to catch fish but to clean the sea of plastic trash. The idea spread to such countries as China, Brazil and Israel.

PRODU spoke with Miriam Rota Ros, Production and Branding director who worked on the Project for Corona together with the We Believers agency.

“One secret of the Plastic Fishing Tournament’s success was its scale. Which means it began in a pilot market like Mexico and afterwards spread to markets around the world, making a global impact. And that is where my work as Production and Branding director really took off, coordinating the efforts of production companies, fishing communities, recycling facilities, influencers in the world of sustainability, agency, client, and even governments,” Miriam said. “All playing a role of equal importance, so that all can come together in terms of overcoming language and culture barriers and all the other differences between countries in order to protect the environment and help those who need it.”

For Miriam – with her wide experience in producing events – taking part in this campaign that won five Lions at the 2022 Cannes Lions Festival was an enormous challenge. “The logistics of going ahead with a global effort, not just producing in person, but, also at a distance, was undoubtedly the biggest challenge, with all those involved contributing their part to make it possible. Far from being a production like any other, here we worked hand-in-hand with real folks, who live off of fishing and the sea, and what we’ve achieved together has become a part of all our lives.”

She advised brands to be genuine with their sustainability projects. “Giving back to the people and the world is always important and is part of our work to do it every time we can. But it’s also important that the effort start from something genuine based on the purpose of the brand…so that the impact is real and lasting. If it’s not done that way, and they’re just looking to publicize the brand, something the public will be perfectly aware of, and all the good that could happen will actually work against it. Let’s hope that more and more brands can define that purpose and carry it out with real actions.”