The new app will provide Latin American audiences with original multi-vertical premium content from TV Azteca

Mobile app Azteca Now will reach more than one hundred million viewers
11 de agosto de 2021

TV Azteca, in partnership with Icaro Media Group, Inc., (Icaro), officially launched the premium mobile application Azteca Now for smartphones, streaming media players, and tablets, available in iOS and Android stores around the world. Azteca Now will be marketed and distributed to more than 100 million existing viewers in association with TV Azteca's international distribution, which will make it one of the apps of premium video with greater distribution in Latin America and Canada.

The new app will provide Latin American audiences with original multi-vertical premium content from TV Azteca, including telenovelas, Mexican cinema, the main drama series and ADN40, a 24/7 news channel. Some of the telenovelas available are Destino, Los Rey and Hombre Tenías que Ser; television series such as Demencia, Drenaje Profundo and Lucho en Familia, and films such as El Gavilán Pollero, La Amargura de mi Raza, and La Hija del Ministro.

“With Azteca Now, we renew our commitment to our audience in Latin America and we open another channel for reaching millions of followers of our content. We are excited about all the projects that we are putting together for this new business,” said Patricia Jasin VP TV Azteca International / Azteca Studies.

“I am very proud to announce the launch of the Azteca Now application in association with TV Azteca; It has been incredible to work with the TV Azteca team," said Paul Feller, President and CEO of Icaro Media Group."Not only are we launching the Azteca Now application with the second largest mass media company in Latin America, but we believe that the premium mobile app is one of the best media technology platforms on the market," he said.

With a penetration of more than 93% in Latin America, TV Azteca will further expand its reach in 13 countries in Europe, North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

"At the TV Azteca Internacional business unit we are very excited about the agreement we closed with Icaro Media Group," said Jorge Gutiérrez, director of Pay TV / Azteca Internacional. "I know that we are going to create a wonderful synergy with the app that we are developing together and that we are launching to the Latin American and Canadian markets. This represents a natural evolution for our business unit and I am sure it will set a precedent for both TV Azteca International and Icaro Media Group, as well for the entire media industry in Latin America.”

View video about Azteca Now here