Gio Punzo, CEO from Streann: Content by distribution by engagement equals monetization

Monetization is possible with content, distribution, and engagement
27 de agosto de 2020

Streann Media has grown more than 70% compared to last year. “Increasingly more companies, new or not, approach it to change their proposal and generate new businesses from the digital viewpoint," commented Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

Punzo, loyal to his philosophy, explained on the program Over the Tech that the formula is mathematical: “Content by distribution by engagement equals monetization”.

He said that many clients approach them with very good content, looking for distribution mechanisms. "We can drive them towards platforms such as Roku or Fire —that is growing a great deal—, but if there is no engagement, if there is no interaction, if the user is not part of it, then it is very difficult to monetize”.

He highlighted the first edition of the digital-book Secretos de Los Ganadores del OTT (You can download it on this link) that complements the efforts of the company with its Streann University.

Lastly, Gio reiterated Streann´s enthusiasm for the development of products that contribute to remote production, as is the case of Inside Switcher.

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