Lions Live on D&I declared Claudia Romo Edelman and Luis Miguel Messianu de alma
Massive Mobilization of Hispanics Must Be A Model for Other Communities Around the World
22 de septiembre de 2020

As Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder of the We Are All Human Foundation, and Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative President and CEO of Alma, said in an interview for Lions Live D&I, it is time for Hispanics to be seen, heard, and appreciated so they can go from being invisible to being visible, which can only be done by joining together, not remaining divided and separated.

Both think it more powerful to address the massive Hispanic community as a whole rather than look for more niche aspirations and motivations. We hope this massive mobilization of Hispanics is a model for other communities around the world to seek forces of inclusion and creativity that will catapult these aspirations and motivations towards solid actions and results in their communities.

For both Edelman and Messianu, brands have become true ambassadors for minority groups. They believe corporations have the power to take ideas and initiatives to a much higher level and on a larger scale, and gave as an example the Estamos Unidos campaign that can accomplish so much if done appropriately and make the most of advertising and creativity as forces for good.

To answer the question of whether targeting must be based on ethnic origin or attitude, they agreed the first option is the best, because addressing people through their ethnicity gives advertisers the tools, data and quantitative measures adequate to evaluate a brand’s impact and success.