During the presentation of Not A Game

Movistar+ and FCB&Fire present Not a Game

11 de febrero de 2020

Movistar+ and FCB&Fire, the agency that joins advertising with entertainment, presented the documentary Not A Game with which they seek to depict the current state of the world of gaming and its professional side, eSports.

Not A Game poses some of the questions that arise around the world of videogames: Do they encourage isolation or on the contrary sociability? Are they an addiction or a passion? Can you earn a living by “playing”?

The project was born from the relation of Rodrigo Figueroa with his son Jerónimo Figueroa (better known as Hydr4), a renowned streamer, content creator and pro player of Fortnite. “Jero led us to a family revolution that changes absolutely everything. It is like having a soccer-playing son who suddenly stops doing everything he was doing, school is no good, and he focuses entirely on that. We didn´t understand very well what it was about until he was able to exteriorize it. Today, he is 20 years old, he has been on a couple of teams, and he is doing very well. He has more than 120,000 followers and is still growing, and above all, it is a business."

He added that Movistar was looking for this type of stories and he loved the father-son perspective, which is quite unique. "Additionally, Movistar has an e-sports team, it is a connectivity company and gives gamers what they need. Without Movistar, there is no e-sport. It is an inevitable link between the brand and what it generates. They surfed the content very naturally."

He concluded that having done the study and the gaming office led the rest of the structure of the agency to reinvent itself and maintained the curiosity regarding these innovating trends. "Today, series also appeals to me a lot. In 2020, the same amount of content for digital platforms will be produced as what was produced in the previous decade. We must be very attentive to that and to the mix of digital entertainment, like e-sports, music, digital platforms. Today, series and films can talk more about a brand that a spot."

Not A Game launched on Monday, February 10 on Movistar+´s #0 and is available for consumption on demand.