Multimedios TV premieres weekday afternoon program Destardes

23 de agosto de 2013

Multimedios TV launched a new weekday afternoon program Destardes, which debuted August 12. Airing from 3pm-4:30pm Central Time, Destardes packs a colorful variety of educational and entertaining segments into a format that focuses on young people and appeals to the entire family. Catching kids as they arrive from school, the first half of Destardes (3-3:45) is tailored to tweens, while the second half (3:45-4:30) reaches teens. The program’s unique name makes it perfect for social-media sharing via the hashtag #Destardes. Each segment features notable talents whose skits, performances and interviews stand on their own, like a show-within-a-show. Hosting Destardes are Gil Garza and Viridiana Velázquez, who amiably guide the audience among a constantly stimulating, enriching lineup of live and prerecorded features.