Guillermo Franco, general director at Multimedios TV 

Multimedios TV: The best way to compete with platforms like OTT is doing live open TV

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|13 de octubre de 2016

With more than 18 million subscribers in Mexico, through systems like Izzi and Sky, as well as open TV, the signal Multimedios Televisión, born in Monterrey, strengthens its presence in the US Hispanic market with the recent alliance with DIRECTV since June, and it is also entering through Axtel TV. Its general director, Guillermo Franco, assured that in contents, they are betting on live content in order to face the constant appearance of new platforms such as OTT.

“We are in our best moment, with the best audience levels, on social networks and with live programming that allows us to interact with the audience. Linear and open TV in 2016 has to be that way, live; it cannot be any other way, facing OTTs that have an increasingly broader market,” explained Franco.

He highlighted that there is no intention to generate their own OTT, since “our business model is advertising, we are seeking audiences and have free streaming for people. The other platforms are for good movies and good series, that are too expensive and are not for open TV. We make content for the audience, what they want to see.”

He explained that all the programming of their three signals, Multimedios, Milenio TV and TeleRitmo, is their own, shot in their ten studios and with more than 600 people in front of the cameras.