Juan Ignacio Ruiz de Ojeda, Marketing and Programming VP

Nacho Ruiz de Ojeda from Marketing and Programming at Azteca 7: A new way to communicate with a totally refreshed screen
06 de octubre de 2016

Juan Ignacio Ruiz de Ojeda, Marketing and Programming VP, with barely six months in the company and brought specifically to be dedicated to marketing this new project, said that his mission had three goals:

1. Increase the business’ profitability, with a new proposal, live contents, the target: homemakers, who have a strong decision on purchases for the home.
2. Implementing a strategy to increase the audience, developing attractive contents for TV viewers.
3. Offer quality products.

Nacho, as he is known, comes from the advertiser’s side. He spent 21 years in Coca-Cola and opened up Central America for Johnson & Johnson. This gives him an advantage, because he knows advertiser’s needs.

“Spot sales continue to be very important for our commercial partners, but also having a live platform that allows them to communicate their products, develop their business strategies, and increase their customer base, develop frequency and generate awareness,” he said.

“We will have a totally refreshed screen on October 17, refreshed in every aspect:image, a new form of communication with the target, a programming strategy that is robust enough to be able to capitalize this homemaker. Also, lots of monitoring each one of the new initiatives, to be able to make adjustments that are favorable for the business, for consumers and for our commercial partners.”